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Mighty Blade - ACT I - Inside the cage

ACT I - Inside the cage

     Four prisioners are inside of a cell, they can see just a little window in the back and two stairways in the front. One going down, another going up
     From up the stairs comes a human warrior, Jonas, he wants to help them, but he can't because he doesn't have any keys...
     This human warrior was a prisioner like all of them,. Somehow, gets his freedom but doesn't remember what has happened
     They can hear footsteps coming from downstairs. Two Royal Guards talking to each other:
- I need to open the cell to inspect them.
- Oh yeah, do it fast, I am bored.
     Those Royal Guards were reaching to the cell.
     At the moment of the inspection one enters the cell while the other watches from outside. At a glance, Jonas attack the soldier outside, making the other soldier stop the inspection and join the fight
Jonas gets hurt in the arm, a very deep cut, he starts bleeding. [-10 hp]
     Adamastor, The Dwarf, tries to kill the guard using his axe, and he did it. [+2 xp]
     The Dwarf hurts badly the other guard, who is almost dead [+1 xp]
     Taking advantage of the situation, all the prisioners want to know what is going on, but the soldier will never say a word. Then, they asked him what is down the stairs, the soldier's reply:
- The hell, you don't want to go there...
     They ignore that comment and start going down the stairs, but another Royal Guard was there guarding a door, thirty meters away, with his back on them and doing some strange noises...
     Half, the Elf, shoots an arrow instantly killing the opponent [+2 xp]
     They discovery, that guard was eating a small dog, it was alive!
     They decide to open the door and found a very large hall with a very long table and lots of foods, grapes and apples, chicken and cheese, too much food. And nobody else around. Jonas, The Warrior, ate a piece of chicken, J.J, The Thief, suspected of something...
- I can try the food! - said the Dwarf - I am immune to poison!
     Adamastor ate but felt nothing.

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